Twin City RBI MLB Classic Baseball Tube Socks

ColorSize1 to 1112+Lead TimeIn Stock
BLACKS$3.99$3.59 No
BLACKM$3.99$3.591 to 2 business days1
BLACKL$3.99$3.59 No
DK GREENS$3.99$3.591 to 2 business days51
DK GREENM$3.99$3.591 to 2 business daysYes
DK GREENL$3.99$3.59 No
GOLDS$3.99$3.59 No
GOLDM$3.99$3.59 No
GOLDL$3.99$3.59 No
NAVYS$3.99$3.59 No
NAVYM$3.99$3.591 to 2 business daysYes
NAVYL$3.99$3.59 No
ORANGES$3.99$3.591 to 2 business days5
ORANGEM$3.99$3.591 to 2 business days1
ORANGEL$3.99$3.591 to 2 business days2
PURPLES$3.99$3.59 No
PURPLEM$3.99$3.59 No
PURPLEL$3.99$3.59 No
ROYALS$3.99$3.59 No
ROYALM$3.99$3.59 No
ROYALL$3.99$3.59 No
SCARLETS$3.99$3.59 No
SCARLETM$3.99$3.59 No
SCARLETL$3.99$3.59 No
SEDONA REDS$3.99$3.59 No
SEDONA REDM$3.99$3.591 to 2 business days23
SEDONA REDL$3.99$3.591 to 2 business days7