Anderson Bat NanoTek CP -12 Coach Pitch Baseball Bat. ALL METAL, ALL LEGAL AND ALL MADE IN THE USA! Unlike composite bats, Anderson Single-Wall high-performance bats do not require a break-in period.

Anderson Bat NanoTek CP12 Coach Pitch Baseball Bat

By: Anderson Bat Company
Item #: E22777

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Product Description

Anderson Bat NanoTek CP -12 Coach Pitch Baseball Bat


- Single-Wall
- Material: Anderson All-Metal Alloy
- Barrel Diameter: 2 3/4"

Unlike composite bats, Anderson Single-Wall high-performance bats do not require a break-in period.

Anderson NanoTek® Coach Pitch - Begin with the best!
The Anderson NanoTek® Coach Pitch bat - for use in Coach Pitch, Pee Wee, T-Ball, and other youth baseball "big barrel" leagues using low compression balls - is designed for the entry level baseball player - typically ages 5 through 7.

The design, feel, and durability of this light-weight "big barrel" bat will work to build swing confidence in the young player, will allow them to focus on developing familiarity to the game, and give them a first exposure to a quality Anderson high-performance bat.

Anderson K-Series™ Single-Wall, All-metal Alloy
The K-Series™ alloy has a greater yield value and added strength that allows for a lighter, more responsive, and larger Effective Hitting Area (EHA). Reducing the weight in the EHA, while maintaining strength to withstand impact, allows greater design versatility including a significantly reduced Moment of Inertia (MOI).

Optimizing the MOI makes it possible to swing a bat faster with less effort. Like an ice skater spinning, the distribution of weight determines the speed of the spin. Arms outstretched, the skater spins slowly. As the skater brings the weight of their arms inward toward their body - or toward the axis of the spin - their MOI is reduced, and they spin faster with no added effort or weight reduction.

Though entry level, this bat has all of the hallmarks of Anderson technology and design:

TrueFlex™ End Cap: Designed to increase barrel strength and aid in our vibration management design, our TrueFlex™ End Cap operates in conjunction with our patented performance technologies by containing vibrational energy in the barrel. High-strength, lightweight, and durable, our TrueFlex™ End Cap is the toughest and most productive barrel support component on the field today.

Acoustic Enhancement Technology™ (AET): The sound a bat makes at contact has an effect on its overall performance. A loud, high- pitch "ping" signifies productive energy being wasted instead of conserved for the hitter's benefit. Using NASA-developed sound dampening foam, our Acoustic Enhancement Technology™ absorbs unpleasant sound energy without compromising performance, allowing our patented technologies to remain solely dedicated to producing game improvement performance.

TaperFlex™ Contour: The key to producing the highest performing bats in the game is efficiently managing vibration energy. Our TaperFlex™ Contour uses a proprietary combination of design mapping and wall-thickness tuning to prevent productive vibration energy from escaping the barrel, allowing our signature performance technologies to work independently and transfer maximum energy directly to the ball at contact.

Ultra-Thin Whip Handle: Designed to operate in conjunction with the vibration management TaperFlex™ Contour, our Ultra-Thin Whip Handle combined with the shock-absorbing SG-l Sport Grip™ fits comfortably in any hitter's hands to promote proper swing mechanics and create the most comfortable swing in the game today.

Weldless Knob: Ergonomically designed with a team of orthopedic specialists, our weldless knob provides unmatched comfort and reduces the risk of injury for young hitters. The Weldless Knob's patented design, weight, and application process all contribute to generating game changing performance and MOI (swing weight) optimization.

IMPORTANT: These bats are to be used exclusively for Coach Pitch, Pee Wee, and T- Ball and similar play with soft-core low compression baseballs. Use with regulation baseballs will void the 90 day materials and workmanship Anderson Coach Pitch bat warranty. For Warranty information on your specific Anderson product, please visit with our Customer Service Dept.


Most Popular Length for Youths by Age
AGE5 to 78 to 91011 to 1213 to 14
LENGHT26"26" to 28"28" to 29"30" to 32"31" to 33"

Player Height
3' 0" to
3' 4"
3' 5" to
3' 8"
3' 9" to
4' 0"
4' 1" to
4' 4"
4' 5" to
4' 8"
4' 9" to
5' 0"
5' 1" to
5' 4"
5' 5" to
5' 8"
5' 9" to
6' 0"
6' 1" +
< 6026"27"28"29"29"     
71-80 28"28"29"30"30"31"   
81-90 28"29"29"30"30"31"32"  
91-100 28"29"30"30"31"31"32"  
101-110 29"29"30"30"31"31"32"  
111-120 29"29"30"30"31"31"32"  
121-130 29"30"30"30"31"32"33"33" 
131-140 29"30"30"31"31"32"33"33" 
141-150  30"30"31"31"32"33"33" 
151-160  30"31"31"32"32"33"33"34"
161-170   31"31"32"32"33"33"34"
171-180     32"33"33"34"34"
Over 180      33"33"34"34"

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